5 Categories Driving Clicks Right Now

Summer’s here, and readers around the world are turning to their favorite websites, blogs, and news publishers for the latest info.

For advertisers, we’re seeing consumers seeking out new and exciting offers — including major click volume for health, supplement, exercise, and entertainment offerings. 

If you are running campaigns in any of the following verticals, reach out today to find out how you can send  Content.ad traffic to your offers with our competitively priced CPC ad network.

The Big Winners

1. Nutrition and Supplements  

With warmer months comes swimsuit season and readers throughout our network are actively clicking ads for weight-loss supplements, immunity enhancement, and metabolism boosters.

2. Men’s Health

With temperatures rising outside, the heat is also increasing in the bedroom. Providers offering discreet and easy online prescriptions are seeing increased boosts in activity. If you are running ED campaigns now is the time to get in on this action.

3. Legal CBD Offers

With more and more major retailers stocking CBD products, consumers in the United States and Canada are eating up anything CBD related. In the Content.ad network specifically, CBD wellness and healing offers are driving thousands of clicks per day.

4. News and Journalism

Good news for blogs and niche news publishers: massive traffic spikes mean millions of attentive readers are actively seeking out niche articles in a variety of subjects. Everything from serious topics like international politics and medical science to fun  entertainment pieces and celebrity trivia are seeing increased attention. Now is definitely the time to build a bigger online audience for your publication.

5. Apps and Games 

With kids out of school and people around the world working from home, apps and mobile game offers are receiving more attention than ever before. Content.ad has massive global reach for Android mobile users specifically, so if mobile downloads are what you are after — look no further.

Whether you are a new affiliate marketer or an established media buyer, Content.ad is here to provide high-quality traffic to your campaigns. Reach out and find out how to get your new campaign started today.

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