More and more companies are moving budgets from traditional advertising toward Native Ads and Push Network Marketing. Since 2018 advertising budgets for non-Native Advertising have steadily fallen, while spending on Native Advertising is projected to increase to $8 billion by 2021.

Companies that do not adapt by implementing better and more effective digital strategies will find themselves falling behind the pack.

Here are some of the key reasons for advertisers to develop a native-first advertising strategy to replace traditional options.

Native Ads Battle Banner Blindness

One key reason for businesses to invest in Native Advertising is to combat a phenomenon known as “banner blindness.” Consumers are increasingly ignoring anything on a web page that looks like a traditional advertisement.  The solution? Native Advertising that blends into the content around it and (in the best case scenario) is then sent out via Push Network Marketing to increase visibility further.

Push Ads Can Bypass Ad Blockers

Native Ads can be combined with Push Ads to create an advertising format that can bypass ad blockers in mobile environments. This kind of advertising delivered directly to users can also mitigate impressions from ad bots commonly found in web environments.

Encourage In-App & Standard Purchases

Native Ads offer a non-intrusive and seamless experience. Blend that with the custom delivery option of push notifications, and these two assets can be used to generate higher user engagement and encourage in-app or on-site purchases. 

Promote User Actions

In addition to the above, specific actions can be encouraged without requiring the user to return to an app or website to do so. Why does that matter? Users are more interested in taking action when it’s easy to do it. This can be facilitated by reducing the number of steps required to complete the action — such as making a purchase, visiting a site, or submitting an email address for more information.

The Bottom Line

Native Advertising is more than a trend in the online advertising space. It is the new frontier of ad-tech and represents the next step in the evolution of digital marketing. It provides the best possible experience for users, which results in better returns on investment and higher engagement rates for advertisers.

As global advertising spend continues its upward trajectory and consumers continue to steer clear of advertising that is irrelevant, intrusive, or skepticism-inducing, Native Ads are a sure way to deliver high-quality, relevant, and exciting advertising to customers around the world.

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