Case Study: Tophatter

The team developed a channel strategy that continuously optimized content based on Tophatter’s KPI’s by device.


The Company

Tophatter, a Silicon Valley venture-backed start-up, is a discovery commerce channel for mobile that connects buyers and sellers around the world in fast and efficient real-time auctions. They leverage their ever-expanding data for merchandising and personalization where nearly every item sells within 90 seconds.

“Working with allows us to have a different type of advertising that doesn’t directly compete with our other channels and allows us a lot of scale.”

RAGNAR GUDMUNDSSON, VP of Growth and Marketing; customer since 2014

The Objective

As a start-up, Tophatter sought to grow from desktop to mobile as quickly as possible by getting a high return on ad spend and favorable customer acquisition costs. They looked to to fully optimize their campaigns and maximize their revenue.

“There’s very little maintenance. We don’t have to write the articles or optimize the ads. takes care of everything for us and because of that we can focus on other areas of our business.”

Ragnar Gudmundsson
VP of Growth and Marketing customer since 2014 developed and hosted custom-sponsored content for Tophatter. These tightly-focused articles emphasized Tophatter’s direct response funnel approach to engage, educate and inform consumers of the company‘s value proposition as the world’s fastest and most entertaining marketplace for mobile shoppers.

The Process

Tophatter’s goal was to acquire new members at a specific cost that was based on results from other marketing channels. Since Tophatter was a start-up, advised testing on a CPA basis for each member who read the articles, clicked through, and registered as a new customer. Once initial metrics were established, advised testing a new campaign based on a CPC model in conjunction with their CPA campaigns to capture additional volume.

The Results

The team developed a channel strategy that continuously optimized content based on Tophatter’s KPI’s by device. They leveraged media testing and modeling data results, and worked with the client in a consultative approach to modify their creative assets, landing pages, content engagement and conversion funnels. By leveraging’s expertise, these strategies drove results that surpassed Tophatter’s KPI’s and delivered a strong ROI and volume at scale.

Triple Digit Sales Growth is a substantial driver of Tophatter’s triple digit Y/Y sales growth.

New Members has delivered more than 200,000 new member registrations.

Higher Conversion Rates has an 8% higher conversion rate (registration to customer) than other channels.

Long Term Value

Customers from have a 40% higher LTV versus other media.

“We use because they help us scale in the native channel. User quality is considerably higher than other channels since they come to the site after reading about us and are familiar with our service before they sign up.”

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