Now that you know what Native Ads are, here are four simple, smart, and easy tips for creating successful Native Advertising campaigns that will grab a reader’s attention and motivate them to click through to your landing page. (Missed the article about what Native Ads are and why they work? Click here.)

Top Tips For Successful Native Advertising:

1. Engage the Reader

The goal of Native Advertising is to seamlessly integrate the “sponsored content” into the website it lives on. Because the ads look and behave like the rest of a page’s content, the reader is more likely to give their time and attention to the content. Studies have shown that people engage with this form of advertising up to 53 percent more than standard banner ads. Not to mention, when asked, consumers prefer to learn about products through content versus traditional advertising.

Think of what makes your product interesting, useful, or vital to the reader. Figure out what problem it solves, or how it will entertain or improve the reader’s life. Knowing that is key to the next step.

Examples of engaging Native Advertising in the network.

2. Stand Out

When executed properly, Native Ads should catch the reader’s eye amidst other options. Since the “sponsored links” typically range anywhere from 2 to 20 options, having high-quality images and an interesting headline is vital to “winning the click” among your competitors.

3. Educate the Customer

Consumers are getting smarter every day, which means they’re quick to recognize click-bait and spam. If your Native Advertising is simply a direct “call to action” or using sales-focused language, it is unlikely that your ad will succeed.

Notice in the example below that all of the options present the links as informational stories that don’t ask anything of the reader. The “call to action” will live on the linked page, not the ad itself.

4. Create Excitement

Of course, one of the main tips for successful Native Advertising is producing exciting content.  If you are promoting editorial content, make sure the content speaks to the widest range of readers and would inspire them to want to learn more. 

 Notice how the ads are presented as helpful articles as opposed to a traditional “webpage billboard” style banner ad.

If you’re selling a product or service, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your offer solve a problem for the reader? 
  • Does it make their life easier in some way? 
  • Does your solution open a new door of opportunity for the reader?

By meeting the reader at where they are now, then showing them where they could be (with your help) you can help turn the reader from a casual observer into a customer!

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