Case Study: Teensafe

Working together for over three years, Teensafe and built a highly successful and profitable partnership.

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The Company

Teensafe is a B2C online service providing parents with easy to use tools to monitor the online cellular activities for their minor children. For a low monthly fee the company provides peace of mind to thousands of parents concerned about the risks faced by their teenagers.

“For us, the traffic converts even better than Google PPC – which I think is remarkable.”

RAWDON MESSENGER, CEO Teensafe and customer since 2013

The Objective

Teensafe sought to acquire customers through online marketing and quickly found out how difficult and expensive acquiring new customers can be. “We have a very specific cost per acquisition that we can bear, based on the life-time value of our customers” said Rawdon Messenger, CEO of Teensafe.

“We started working with very early, and we are glad we did. They quickly became our largest single source of new customers, and they did it without headaches or losses.”

Rawdon Messenger
CEO Teensafe Customer Since 2013 developed a series of “advertorials” for Teensafe. These were highly optimized intermediary landing pages (which are properly disclosed as sponsored) and give consumers a clear and concise explanation of Teensafe’s value proposition.

The Process

Teensafe initially paid a CPC fee for each visitor that read the advertorials and then clicked over to the Teensafe sign-up page.

“Over the course of time we were able to move from a CPC payment to a CPA payment. This allows us to pay only for sign-ups and locks in our cost per new customer, eliminating all of our risk. We simply have not been able to find any other marketing partners who can deliver the kind of volume that does,” said Messenger.

The Results

The two companies have now been working together for over three years.

At First

Initially ran CPC ads for Teensafe through it’s sponsored content network. worked closely with Teensafe and suggested many of the headlines and images that ended up performing the best.

Today distributes ads and sponsored content for Teensafe through a variety of channels. It acquires both direct and indirect (i.e. through its advertorials) traffic for Teensafe from a variety of sources, including Facebook and Yahoo, as well as its own direct network of over 5,000 publishers.

The Future

Recently Teensafe expanded its marketing into Australia, Canada and the U.K. was an important part of these efforts as well. Its sponsored articles and content are optimized for each market and its reach in non-US English speaking markets is significant.

“The people at are great. They are highly responsive and easy to work with – exactly what we need.”

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