Advertisers around the world are pushing their way onto phones, tablets, and desktops by using the latest in digital advertising technology: Push Ads. 

What Are Push Ads?

Push Ads are an advanced advertising tool that give companies a second, third, and even a tenth chance at capturing conversions and expanding their audiences without having to pay for the same user’s traffic again.

Here’s how it works.

When a person visits a website that offers push notifications, they will be prompted to accept future notifications via a small window at the top of the screen. 

When the person clicks “Allow” they are automatically opted-in to receive notifications from that website on the device from which they subscribed. (So, if they subscribe on a mobile device, the push notifications will only appear on that device, not on their computer at home.)

These notifications are typically displayed as a single ad, either for a commercial offer or another piece of content from the publisher. This ensures that audiences are keeping up with the latest products, information, and trends from that company.

Why is this great for companies? As an advertiser using Native Ads, you have to compete with other advertisers in the advertising display widget. By having people sign up for your unique push notifications, you are creating your own database of subscribers, and that means no more competing with other ads in the widget. Your ad is now center stage, with a higher chance to convert on the click.

Not selling a product? As a publisher, Push Network Marketing is still a huge asset. While it’s tough getting people to return to your site every day, push notification ads make sure your latest piece of content lands on your visitors’ devices, grabbing their attention so that they return to your site where you can then monetize the traffic.


Here at, we’re on the front lines when it comes to the latest in push notification publishers and technology. We’ve been a native ad network for the last 8 years, with our focus narrowing in on the growing push industry in the last year.

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