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Ann Song Client
Director of Strategic Partnerships

“ has been a reliable and trustworthy partner for the past couple of years and we’re continually impressed with the level of service and professionalism from our account manager.”

“They’re always receptive to hearing new ideas and ways of improving their technology and company as a whole.”

“ has provided a lot of value to us and we look forward to more success and growth with them.”

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Matan Smadja Publisher
Director of Business Development
& Advertisers at AdMaven

“Working with over the past few years has been a fantastic experience.

They have an exceptional ability to focus on performance while maintaining a great personal day-to-day relationship, consistently delivering quality as a trustworthy ad partner.”

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Giedrius Cekanskis Advertiser
CEO and Founder
DJMedia Inc.

“ has been a trusted network and traffic partner for many years, helping us scale various direct response advertising campaigns.

We love working with team, because they have very deep analytical and marketing skills and are very easy to work with.

I highly recommend the network as a massive traffic source for all direct response and content marketing campaigns.”

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Eyal Hay Moshe Advertiser
CEO and Founder
Media Force

“ is a great partner and a valuable traffic channel for Media Force.

We were impressed with the level of support and availability of our account manager. Communication has been easy and smooth since the beginning.

Content.Ad is a trusted partner, delivers great performance and high-quality traffic for our O&O products.”

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Michael Mendoza Advertiser & Publisher
Chief Marketing Officer
SolutionsWide, Inc.

“Aside from the quality traffic we receive from, what stands out most is the proactive support their team and account managers provide.

Year over year they have allowed us to scale not only on the advertiser side but massively on the publisher side.”

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Ragnar Gudmundsson
Fully Managed Services Customer
Vice President of Growth and Marketing at Tophatter

“Working with allows us to have a different type of advertising that doesn’t directly compete with our other channels and allows us a lot of scale.

There’s very little maintenance. We don’t have to write the articles or optimize the ads. takes care of everything for us and because of that we can focus on other areas of our business.”

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Anh Pham Advertiser & Publisher
CEO and Founder at Uprocket Media

“One of the main reasons I choose is because their tech platform is far superior compared to some of their competitors in the native ad space.

Their platform makes it very easy to track campaigns and widget performance. Additionally, the user interface is very intuitive which makes it easy for me to accomplish exactly what I need to get done.”

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Rawdon Messenger
Fully Managed Services Customer
CEO at Teensafe

“For us, the traffic converts even better than Google PPC – which I think is remarkable.

We started working with very early, and we are glad we did.

They quickly became our largest single source of new customers, and they did it without headaches or losses.”

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