Reports Dramatic Increase In Advertisers, Publishers, and Revenue

May 24, 2017 Reports Dramatic Increase In Advertisers, Publishers, and Revenue

May 19, 2016 | Irvine, CA, one of the largest and most effective native content networks in the world, announced today that revenues grew 66% in just the last year. The Company’s client base more than doubled, with triple the number of advertisers and twice the number of publishers leading to over 450 million consumer actions.

Led by a team of digital marketing pioneers, stands out in the industry for its hands-on, nimble customer service, high ethical standards, and aggressive focus on customer ROI and state-of-the-art technology.

“The native content marketing space is experiencing runaway growth and adoption. While growth has been a key metric at, and scalability a core strength, being good has always taken precedence over being big. Critical to our success are the high levels of customer service we deliver compared to the multiple new, opportunistic players who are simply trying to cash in on today’s native content ‘gold rush,” said Jonathan Markiles, CEO. is a top player in native advertising, an industry that is forecast to reach $7.9 billion in 2016, growing to $21 billion in 2018. Native advertising offers consumers contextual content that, studies indicate, is more effective than traditional display advertising.

Year over year, the number of campaigns on the platform grew by 486% and clicks increased 139% for its 10,000+ websites and 1600+ advertisers.

“As 10-year veterans in this young industry, we know that a business driven by even the most sophisticated automated technology, needs the human touch to drive the best results,” continued Markiles. “Our triumvirate of the best technology, transparency and people-driven service is why we are achieving some of the highest RPMs and happiest clients in the industry.”


Based in Irvine, CA, is one of the largest, fastest growing and most effective native sponsored content networks in the world. Founded by a team of direct marketing veterans, it was one of the first companies to offer successful content marketing services to online advertisers at scale. Today, prides itself on being one of its clients’ largest and most trusted sources of online traffic and sales, helping publishers achieve among the highest earnings rates in the industry and advertisers the highest possible ROI. The company’s success is based on a dedicated triumvirate of innovating the best technology, delivering hands-on customer service and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

It’s been our business for over 10 years.

We combine technology with a deep knowledge of how to generate revenue through content marketing.

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