, one of the largest and fastest-growing native content networks in the world, has appointed two veteran technology executives – Michael Rosenberg as Chief Revenue Officer and Jeff Horowitz as Chief Technology Officer – and created a new account management team.

The expansion in the marketing, sales, technology, and account services groups reflects’s dramatic growth in both annual revenues and clients, while also positioning the company for further leadership in the native content networks advertising space.

“Being ahead of the curve with best-in-class technology; the sharpest marketing and sales minds, and the highest levels of hands-on, responsive customer service, are keys to our excellence in this competitive space,” said Jonathan Markiles, CEO of “Bolstering our team with the deep expertise and experience of Michael and Jeff, while expanding our account management function focused on outstanding customer service, positions us to grow with the industry and help lead it.”

The expanded account management team will provide fast, responsive and live customer support to its clients, helping Publishers manage their content and maximize their native advertising revenue, and Advertisers optimize their campaigns and increase the ROI they generate on the platform.

Rosenberg brings a long and successful marketing, sales and operations background to his role as Chief Revenue Officer, with deep expertise in Direct Response Marketing and Lead Generation. He served as COO and CRO of Future Ads LLC, a highly profitable online advertising firm that grew from $5 million a year to $120 million. Prior to that, he was CMO of, SVP of Media and Marketing Services at, and Vice President, Business Development at AOL.

As Chief Technology Officer, Horowitz is charged with delivering innovative technology solutions that drive greater ease of use and benefits for clients. Dr. Horowitz’s background includes a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, authoring four patents, and contributions to the international SQL standard. Prior to joining the Company, he spearheaded the building of large-scale software products at Informatics General, Teradata, and, most recently, Marketing Evolution. is a top player in native advertising, an industry that is forecast to reach $7.9 billion in 2016, growing to $21 billion in 2018, and achieves some of the highest RPMs in the industry. The company stands out for its hands-on, nimble customer service, high ethical standards, and aggressive focus on customer ROI and state-of-the-art technology.

Year over year, the number of campaigns on the platform grew by 486% and clicks increased 139% for its 10,000+ websites and 1600+ advertisers.

“As 10-year veterans in this young industry, we know that a business driven by even the most sophisticated automated technology, needs the human touch to drive the best results,” continued Markiles. “Our triumvirate of the best technology, transparency and people-driven service is why we are achieving some of the highest RPMs and happiest clients in the industry.”

Based in Irvine, CA, is one of the largest, fastest growing and most effective native sponsored content networks in the world. Founded by a team of direct marketing veterans, it was one of the first companies to offer successful content marketing services to online advertisers at scale. Today, prides itself on being one of its clients’ largest and most trusted sources of online traffic and sales, helping publishers achieve among the highest earnings rates in the industry and advertisers the highest possible ROI. The company’s success is based on a dedicated triumvirate of innovating the best technology, delivering hands-on customer service and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

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