Push Advertising is different from Native Ads in that this advertising format is delivered directly to a person who has subscribed to receive the notifications. These people have already engaged with your website or brand, all you need to do is let them know there’s something new to see. Here are some fast and easy tips for making the most out of your push notifications. 

Tips for Creating Good Push Advertising

– The most profitable verticals for Push Network Marketing at this time are finance, nutraceuticals, lead generation, and brand-name affiliate offers that can potentially bring value to a consumer rather than just a product.

– The best push advertisements for editorial or content sites are ones that speak to the site’s overall mission. After all, that’s why your visitors came to your site, so they want to see more material that matches your brand.

– Use short, simple headlines and easy-to-see ad images. Avoid gross or sexual ad images and deceptive headlines. Most people don’t want to see those things popping up on their phone or computer, so if you turn them off they could delete the push notification and never come back

– Never send the same push ad to the same user twice. Duplicate or repetitive ads will lower the value of the overall content and consumer experience you are trying to provide. Try mixing in noncommercial content and articles with your ads, or set an expiration window that will make your push content appear to be more of a recommendation rather than a demand for attention.

Advertisers – Become a publisher and throw a push notification opt-in onto your advertorials or blog posts. This will allow you to recycle traffic from your favorite sources without needing to reinvest money into purchasing an additional click from a user like you would with a traditional Native Ad. Even if a user doesn’t initially convert on the product, they may be interested in a different product or other content that you have available.

Publishers – Don’t push too hard. One or two pushes a day is all you need. Push visitors too often and they will dwindle via unsubscribes. 

By following these tips for your Push Advertising efforts you can unlock the full potential of this powerful advertising tool to help you reach your business goals.

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