You know that Native Advertising and Push Network Marketing are the two fastest growing sectors of the advertising industry. (And if you don’t, click here to read all about it.) Now let’s look at the specific benefits of these two options for your digital strategy.

Native Ads

•   Tend to have better click-through rates (also known as CTR) than traditional ads—up to four times as high, according to Business Insider.

•   Can be customized based on various criteria such as the user’s device type, location, and other user-specific data. This helps raise click-through rates and drives even more traffic to editorial content, an advertorial, or an offer landing page.

Push Network Ads

•  Require the user to first subscribe to receive the ads. This means that when users receive these ads, they do so voluntarily. Because of this, readers don’t see push notifications as intrusive or annoying as traditional banner or pop-up advertising.

•  Resemble subscription alerts on mobile, and software alerts on desktop. Just as Native Ads blend seamlessly into content, push marketing comes to the user in a format that’s familiar and trusted, especially for those using mobile devices.

• Based on a reader’s preferences and benchmarked behavior patterns, they can be shown Native Ads or sent push notification offers that are relevant and non-intrusive. This happens even if the reader is not currently browsing or using a given app. This allows advertisers to fine-tune their targeting and focus on high-quality consumers who are most likely to buy from, or interact with, the company.

The Big Win: Better ROI

Danny Wong, the marketer-at-large for Conversio and Tenfold, produced some amazing stats in his report for Huffington Post. He noted that 53% of users tend to give their attention to Native Ads more than traditional ads, and they are 32% more likely to share Native Ad content than traditional ads.

This backs up recent reports from Sharethrough and Nielsen, which stated that Native Ads are more persuasive and more effective at earning the attention of users over traditional banner ads. 

The point?  Businesses can spend less money to reach and engage with more people using Native and Push — people who then convert into customers at higher rates (and more often).

The ease of creation and deployment, plus the difference in click-through rates, makes them a hands-down, undeniable winner over traditional digital advertising methods.  

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