, one of the largest and fastest-growing native content networks in the world, just launched the new Family Friendly Feature, the Photo Gallery Widget and new, enhanced, highly-segmented Traffic Source Reporting for publishers. The new features are designed to improve consumer engagement and loyalty, increase publisher control and, ultimately, help drive more revenue for’s rapidly growing client base.

“We work closely with our partners and use their feedback to create features they want,” said Jonathan Markiles, CEO of “With these latest features, two of which are the first of their kind in the native content industry, we extend the customization abilities we offer to publishers which, in turn, improves the consumer experience, and keeps users engaged and on the publisher’s site. In addition, we now provide the industry’s most precise and actionable traffic source reporting, so publishers can measure performance from all traffic ad sources in real-time and adjust accordingly to benefit their bottom line.”, a top player in native advertising, is led by a team of digital marketing pioneers, and stands out in the industry for its hands-on, nimble customer service, high ethical standards, and aggressive focus on customer ROI and state-of-the-art technology.’s Publisher Innovations:
Family Friendly Feature: For the first time ever, consumers can customize the type of ads they receive, from, regardless of which web site they are on, ensuring age appropriateness. This eliminates the issue of publishers losing users who might not return to their site due to potentially inappropriate ads.

“Giving consumers a little more control over what they see is not only a positive for the consumer and the publisher but is also a positive for our industry as a whole, which is why we created our unique Family Friendly Feature,” continued Markiles.

Photo Gallery / Slide Show Widget: This new, first-in-the-industry customization feature was created for publishers who run photo galleries and slide shows. It offers significant benefits by enabling them to set different CPC floors based on what photo gallery page the user is on. This enables publishers to maximize ROI by maximizing revenue per user and session.

Traffic Source Reporting: This new and sophisticated report allows publishers to track RPMs, impressions, clicks, CTR, revenue, and CPC by traffic source, ultimately helping publishers manage their media buys better thereby increasing profitability. Publishers can now see how traffic from all of their sources are performing, whether it comes from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, plus which articles or content are outperforming others.

“These are the first in a series of new features that we will be introducing to benefit our publishers, advertisers and consumers,” concluded Markiles. “Stay tuned for more innovation from”

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