Twitter shocked the world in 2019 when it outright banned political advertising on its platform of more than 150 million daily users. Now the big news for 2020 appears to be Facebook’s announcement that it will now allow its 2.5 billion users to turn off political advertising altogether.

With many more social media platforms sure to follow suit as the 2020 US elections rapidly approach, political media buyers in the United States are scrambling to find new options to communicate with constituents.

Unfortunately, television no longer holds the power it once did, with a 20% decline in viewership between 2015 and 2020, and magazine audiences are shrinking by the millions as traditional subscriptions decline year after year.

So, where can political candidates best share their campaign platforms with an attentive audience? Luckily for campaign managers, there is a solution available with massive reach within the United States. is a unique solution for political advertisers looking for large scale advertising opportunities. Our network features more than 60,000 digital publishers who serve over 30 billion sponsored content impressions to more than 145 million people each month.

Since the vast majority of our viewers are reading niche articles or subscribe to interest-based notifications, our network presents a huge potential for campaigns to reach and inform voters.

If you are looking to expand your political advertising channels, please reach out to learn how can help you get out the vote! 

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