If you are a publisher you would be very wise to start your own Push Notification Ads functionality – but how do you get people to opt-in to your push network?

It can definitely be a challenge, especially if you have a very niche brand or offer only a few products that bring in casual shoppers. 

That said, we’ve been doing this for a while – Content.ad was at the forefront of push technology – and we have some smart tricks that will help you build your push network followers so you can grow your revenue with this massively successful advertising technology. 

Advanced Push Technique: Opt-in Walls

One very effective strategy to build Push Notification Ads subscribers is to use an “opt-in wall” that prevents users from seeing your content until they opt-in to your push network. 

This technique mainly works for topics that have a general interest and value to a consumer who is willing to opt-into the push in order to see your content.

Currently, the most effective type of pages for this strategy are news, weather, emergency services, and other vital information sources that bring value to a potential reader’s life. 

It’s important to note that this model only works if the content behind the opt-in wall follows through on the ad creative promise. If you have an ad that says, “Get the Latest Weather Updates” and users who click are led to your push opt-in wall for a weather site, the users who do opt-in should be able to see the weather information for their area immediately after subscribing. Otherwise, they will leave your page frustrated, likely unsubscribe from your push notifications, and never come back to your site again. (Much less click an ad from your push network.)  

Advanced Push Technique: Bucketing

 “Bucketing” is an industry term that refers to creating specific categories of users based on their interests, what ads they interact with, or even demographic information like age, financial status, and device type. 

There are a variety of ways to capture this data, as well as different ways to bucket them together to push certain products. Savvy website owners can create registration pages for their content that has a user fill out the information about themselves so that the website can provide them with a better user experience. 

In this example, a push opt-in can be placed within a specific category on the website to justify that a user may be interested in products similar to the category topic. Even data such as how long a user has opted into your push network can be useful to improve your ad serving and ensure that the ads available for subscribers who have enjoyed your service for 1-15 days will not be re-used for subscribers who have been opted in for 15-30 days, or 30+ days. 

For example, you might have a user bucket that contains men age 18-26, who have subscribed for push notifications from a gaming website, and who live in the United States. After some testing, you may find that this bucket is perfect for pushing products like game apps, electronics, and dating sites, but does not convert well with products like anti-aging creams or weight loss pills. 

The same idea applies to content sites. You will have keen insight into which content specific types of subscribers enjoy. And the results may surprise you. While your bucket of “men age 18-26” may not like anti-aging creams or weight loss pills, they may readily consume content on workouts and food prep.

Remember, you’ll need to do some testing to collect the data you’re looking for so don’t be afraid to test different products against different user buckets.

How to Get Your Push Notification Ads into Push Networks

Finding the best push notification service can be difficult and confusing. Here’s why we think Content.ad is the best for all-size businesses.

Content.ad partners with high-quality push notification networks and provides non-push publishers with the ability to easily make the transition to push. We also offer resources and a support team who can help you through the process. 

Here are four easy ways to get going.

  1. Simply create an account and upload your first campaign. 
  2. Visit the content.ad website and open a chat with our customer service system. 
  3. Say something like, “What are the best push domains to target right now?”
  4. Add those push domains to your advertising campaign targeting.

Whether you’re looking to jump on the push train or you just want to get your ads in front of quality users, Content.ad has the tools to take your ads to the next level.

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